Dennis Andrucyk

Deputy Associate Administrator, NASA's Science Mission Directorate

Dennis Andrucyk is the deputy associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD). He, alongside the associate administrator Thomas Zurbuchen, have worked to create an innovative, inclusive and diverse team to support the agency’s science missions. Mr. Andrucyk not only works to foster new partnerships with other government agencies but also collaborates with commercial and international organizations to extend the boundaries humanity faces in space and on Earth. Through these partnerships, the potential for science missions on Earth and in space are limitless. During his time as deputy associate administrator, innovative observing systems are being flown, made possible by new research and technology. His work to streamline policies and procedures have reduced the overhead required for achieving the agency’s scientific goals. Through working hands-on with colleagues throughout SMD, he has created new processes for lower cost Class-D missions that streamline both the proposal processes for and the management of these missions, ultimately increasing SMD’s scientific return on investment. Mr. Andrucyk has also championed efforts to develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce that encourages collaboration and partnership across NASA Science.

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