Florian Adamski

CEO, OMD Worldwide

As the CEO of OMD Worldwide, Florian Adamski has put “better decisions, faster” at the core of OMD’s promise to many of the world’s most innovative and successful brands, including McDonald’s, Nissan, PepsiCo and Henkel. It is a vision that has transformed the largest and most awarded global media network, uniting OMD’s 10,000 professionals across 100 markets in a common goal, empowered by data and enabled by a shared way of working. Under Adamski’s leadership, OMD is revolutionizing media planning, leveraging the industry’s most advanced data technology platform to put empathy at the center of our process, using available data signals and knowledge at our disposal to put ourselves in the shoes of the people we want to reach. A genuine digital and data native, Adamski began his career with Omnicom Media Group at OMG Germany in 1997. A unique blend of company man and entrepreneur, Adamski spent the 2000s moving seamlessly between the starkly different worlds of agency holding company and start-ups, co-founding several companies in media, e-commerce, design and fashion. By 2015 his skill as a strategist with a keen insight on marketers’ business challenge earned him the CEO seat at OMG Germany. Named CEO of OMD in 2017, he led a reorganization of talent and resources that has led to 9 consecutive quarters of net business growth.

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